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Why Choose Us As Your Trusted
Painting & Remodeling Company?

Welcome to ATX Elite Construction LLC, where professionalism, craftsmanship, and integrity converge to redefine your home improvement experience. Founded by Joel and Loean Antunez, our journey began with a personal mission forged from adversity.


Our story is one of turning frustration into inspiration. Like many homeowners, our first encounter with home renovation left us disillusioned and stranded. A disillusionment that sparked a determination to create something better.


It was a pivotal moment when we, Joel and Loean, found ourselves at a crossroads after a disappointing experience with a contractor. Left in a state of uncertainty and disarray, we realized the profound impact that a single individual’s actions could have on a family’s dreams and aspirations.


Seeking solace and solutions, we turned to a Hispanic contractor for assistance. Little did we know, fate had orchestrated a twist of events that would redefine our purpose. Just as progress seemed within reach, our contractor was intercepted mere steps away from our home, leaving behind a devoted team, their futures hanging in the balance.


In that moment, the seeds of ATX Elite Construction LLC were sown. With a resolute spirit and a commitment to excellence, we embarked on a mission to not only rebuild homes but also to restore faith in the industry.


Driven by the desire to empower and uplift, we welcomed our newfound team into the fold, each member adding a unique thread to the tapestry of our company culture. Our dedication to inclusivity and support knows no bounds, ensuring that language barriers never become barriers to quality service.


At ATX Elite Construction LLC, we are more than contractors — we are partners in your home improvement journey. From painting to remodeling, we bring a blend of expertise, passion, and personalized attention to every project, no matter the scale.


Our vision extends beyond mere transactions; it encompasses a commitment to building lasting relationships founded on trust, transparency, and exceptional results. With us, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands, guided by a team that values your vision as much as you do.


Join us as we rewrite the narrative of home improvement, one project at a time. Experience the ATX Elite Construction LLC difference, where your satisfaction isn’t just our goal — it’s our promise.

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